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Motivation and inspiration dedicated to encouraging you to reach your goals and overcome obstacles by saying, "Why Not!"



Your Privacy is Important to us.  

Your name will not be sold or leased to any third party. 



  Do you want to:
  • Create a life of your dreams? 
  • Live with purpose and passion and find joy in your life?

       Then you need to Say Why Not!

      Say Why Not! is represented by the Y-Knot symbol. 


  • Empower Your Mind

Your mind holds the key to your thoughts and emotions.  You can choose at any time your reaction to any situation.  Read more...

  • Empower Your Body

Your body is the vessel that allows you to put your thoughts into action.  Read more...

  • Empower Your Spirit

Take time out and find ways to nurture your spirit.  Read more....



        The three arms of the Y signify empowering your Mind, Body and Spirit.  The knot in the middle signifies unity.  Together, the symbol stands for an attitude.  An attitude that you can accomplish anything you dream. 

            The Y-Knot symbol is a reminder to take the courageous step to overcome obstacles that threaten to block your way to success.




Say Why Not! and its logos are protected by copyright and trademark laws.  All rights reserved (c) 1998 - 2007

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